Thursday, 21 June 2012

Every Time I Think Of You

Due to a lack of blogging activity it may come across to some that things have been rather quiet.  This, though, could be further from the truth and the first of a few projects I've been working on to surface is 'Every Time I Think Of You',  which is a drama documentary I directed for the Blue Print Theatre Company. The film was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and will be released on Monday.

To use the official blurb: 'Every Time I Think of You' is a film about 80s Islington, based on interviews with Islington residents and the traders of Chapel Market. It centres on an urban myth, perpetuated by locals, and harks back to a comparatively innocent era - before mobile phones and the Internet changed our lives forever.

For someone who usually writes and directs and is involved in every stage of the filmmaking process it was an interesting (and a lot less stressful) experience to just come in to direct the drama segments of the piece. From what I've seen the film looks great and it is released this Monday 25th June 2012 and is being screened at the Screen on the Green in Islington, London.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Looking In, Looking Out

From 27 June to 5 July, London's Conway Hall will be home to 'Looking In, Looking Out': an innovative series of screenings and events in which modern and classic cinema is examined and enjoyed in a philosophical context.

The festival's aim is to provide a public platform for the promotion of philosophy, using film as a communicative medium, and hopes to highlight the enormous variety of cinematic culture that audiences consume, and the many different means of approaching that culture.

From Casablanca to the films of the Cohen Brothers, via 'Spiderman' and 'The Seventh Seal', the festival will be exploring some of the most powerful ideas and enduring philosophical themes both on and off the screen.

Exploring free will, identity and consciousness; examining how we define beauty, truth and the nature of morality; the talks and panel discussions will unpack the meaning of art, reflect on what philosophy can add to our understanding of the movies, and ultimately ask: what is film for?

And I'm proud to say that as part of the series 'The Last Man on Earth' will be screened on Wednesday 4th July at 6.30pm. How cool is that?

So get yourselves along to stroke your chin and ponder the deeper meanings of some cinematic gems.