Thursday, 25 August 2011

Guy Ducker and comedy sketches

It was quite strange reading Guy Ducker's blog posting today. He's been posting for a short time now and his mini-essays on a variety of film topics are always a pleasure to read but today was especially interesting as he talked about a subject which seems to mirror my own recent work and thinking in a very spot on way. He chatted about the advantages and reasons of making online comedy as an alternative to filming longer, more expensive shorts and I couldn't agree more. 

So take a few minutes and check it out by clicking on my link above.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

'She Wore Black' - No More Navigators

No More Navigators

I took a foray into directing music videos recently when the band No More Navigators asked me to make a video for their new single 'She Wore Black'  which appears on their new EP 'Home' released by Tactal Hots on the 29th August. The video was a pleasure to make and great fun. Check it out and buy the EP if you can. No More Navigators are also playing a gig up in the Proud Camden on Monday 29th August as part of the launch.Click for details here.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

'Clowning Around' Film Poster Competition

After reporting on Damien Cullen and his quest to raise the budget for his forthcoming short film 'Clowning Around' I just wanted to make you aware of a poster competition he and his team are running.

Rather than get a specific graphic designer on board Damien is inviting people from the online filmmaking and creative community to design a poster for the film, which will be seen far and wide and used for their festival exhibition and any published art for the distribution of the film. To be judged by Matthew Leyland of 'Total Film', Chris Jones and the Blaine brothers this really is worth getting involved with.

All the information is here:

If you want to help get the film off the ground then check out their IndieGoGo page

Friday, 5 August 2011

John Waters decides 'One Other Thing' is Film of The Month on Shooting People

It was a triple whammy really. Each month, members of shootingpeople can upload their films which are then viewed and 'liked' by their peers’, creating a Leaderboard. The three films at the top on the first day of the following month go through to the next round. Well my short film 'One Other Thing', which I uploaded last month, got through to the next round.

These films are sent to one of Shooting People’s high-profile patrons, who gives a personal review to each, and then chooses the Film of the Month. Well the judge this month was John Waters (very cool).  And he decided that 'One Other Thing' would be Film of the Month. Thank you and also thank you and well done to everyone in the cast and crew who made this possible!

John Waters

His comments were: "The hell of romantic break up told with a cringe invoking but recognizable-to-be-all sense of humor. Revenge is always embarrassing in hindsight and this film proves that point in a precise, punching way."

Thank you Mr Waters.

A warm round of applause should also go to the two other films in the running this month which were 'Side by Side', written and directed by Jamie Hooper and 'Small Gifts' directed by Brady Hood and written by Ronnie Mackintosh.

Read all the reviews here:

If you didn't get to see 'One Other Thing' then you can either watch it via shootingpeople or directly via Vimeo below.